On March 31st, the University of the Philippines, Diliman held an afternoon of Alternative Class Learning Experience all over the campus. This is an opportunity for the students to attend mini-workshops and classes that are relevant to life skills they need and want to develop.

One of Pochology Academy’s trainers, and Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director Ada Cuaresma was one of the speakers of the ACLE organized by the UP Association of Civil Engineers. In the seminar dubbed as “PUMP UP 2016,” Ada conducted a workshop on public speaking, and how the students can use the skill in their student and professional lives.

Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma Talks About Public Speaking

Ada started by sharing her own story on how she became a public speaker – from taking up a Voice Acting workshop, to volunteering her voice for various advocacies through radio broadcasting, training and motivational speaking. She shared how she has found her life’s calling through public speaking, as she feels a strong mission in her heart to use her voice to inspire and motivate others. Ada motivated the students to do the same, and to not let fear stop them from pursuing what they would like to do.

Ada transitioned into discussing the basics of public speaking – the reasons why people fear speaking in public, how to use the voice effectively in public speaking, and how to connect with the audience when speaking. She also shared about their volunteer organization, Voice of the Youth Network, and invited the participants to join in their advocacy on giving the youth a voice on issues that affect them.

PUMP UP 2016 also featured 2 other speakers, who spoke about Business Writing and Financing.

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